The vineyards of Yamanashi lie at the foothills of Mount Fuji, the majestic mountain, which is one of the magical symbols of Japan and also a World Heritage site. Approximately one thousand years ago, the Koshu grape travelled along the Silk Route and found its Japanese home in the Prefecture of Yamanashi. Koshu of Japan, (KOJ) was established in 2009 to promote and improve the quality of Koshu, and through its efforts, the wines continue to gain recognition in international markets.


Koshu of Japan (KOJ) is an organization established in July 2009 by fifteen Japanese wine producers from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan’s premier wine-growing region.
In addition to the producers, the partners in this organization are the Koshu City Chamber of Commerce, the Kofu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Yamanashi Prefecture Winemakers Association.
This organization aims to improve the quality of Japanese Koshu grapes and wines and to increase their awareness on global markets.

In 2010 KOJ launches a campaign in the UK as the first step of an EU-wide promotion.
KOJ is working with Master of Wine, Lynne Sherriff, a world-class authority on wine, to provide marketing advice and technical guidance on promoting Koshu in international markets.




Shigeki Kida
Shigeki Kida

Lumire Owner

Senior Advisor

Shigekazu Misawa
Shigekazu Misawa

Grace Wine Owner


Lynne Sherriff
Lynne Sherriff

Seasoned and pragmatic wine connoisseur and expert, with over 20 years’ extensive experience providing lecturing and mentoring to students and academies in all elements of the wine trade including blending and procurement. Has a successful track record in designing and delivering training programmes, wine tasting seminars, and has also provided reviews and judging on a global level. Possesses exceptional business acumen; able to implement successful marketing and branding strategies; along with having a wealth of experience in formulating positive internal and external relationships in both the UK and globally.


Yuka Ogasawara
Yuka Ogasawara

Yuka Ogasawara is a former restaurant owner in the Prefecture of Yamanashi, home of the Koshu grape. She was awarded the prestigious Madame Bollinger Trophy in , following which, she went to the UK to study English and further her wine knowledge. On her return to Japan, she worked at a three star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo as a sommelier. Since 2009 she has been working for KOJ, promoting its interests and helping to grow wine sales internationally.


Yamanashi Prefecture

Kofu Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
Koshu City Society of Commerce & Industry.



Yamanashi Prefecture is located an hour and a half by train to the west of Tokyo, at the foot of Mt. Fuji surrounded by 3000 metre high mountains. Yamanashi is a place of natural beauty in all four seasons, filled with greenery and abundant clean, fresh streams. Its soil is ideal for growing fruit, and its grapes, peaches and cherries have long been famous throughout Japan.


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